Local Face Shield Manufacturer Meeting the Demands of the Pandemic

Jul 20, 2020

Kim Shippam
Safe Shields
[email protected]

Okanagan Small Business Doing Their Part for the Pandemic
Manufacturing Face Shields for Canadians

Vernon, BC, Safe Shields today announced that they now have over 5000 customers. Safe Shields is a face shield manufacturing company, in Vernon, BC, that was quickly created to help with the shortage of PPE equipment in Canada.

"I think every person should have a face shield," said epidemiologist Michael Edmond, https://www.dezeen.com/2020/04/14/face-shield-coronavirus-interview-epidemiologist-michael-edmond/

"It should be worn anytime they leave their home, while in any public place, and even at work."

When Kim Shippam had to shut her doors in March 2020 because of COVID-19, she felt somewhat helpless and overwhelmed. Used to running her two businesses, Caufields Engraving and Caufields Memorials, managing her small staff and juggling her busy life as a single mom, Kim wasn't sure how she would sit still and do nothing during a pandemic.

She was at home keeping her eye on the latest news when she saw a broadcast about 3D printed face shields. A born innovator with a strong background in laser printing and assemblage, Kim knew she could create a "better face shield." She was ready to pivot her business.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Kim knew she wanted to help keep her community safe. After learning about the shortage of PPE equipment and how 3D printers were trying to fill a new demand for face shields, she knew she could use her company's equipment to make something similar.

After designing and creating 8 different prototypes at her warehouse in Vernon, BC, Kim felt like she had a face shield ready to ship. She quickly put the word out that she had the means and desire to help Canada and its front-line workers. Soon orders were flying in and instead of laying off employees, Kim was hiring 50 more. Kim's third company, Safe Shields, was off and running.

Safe Shields’ first large order was to the Kindale Developmental Association, a non-profit society that provides a wide range of services to people with developmental and other disabilities throughout the North Okanagan. Today the company is delivering both large and small orders across the nation.

All the staff are local Vernon, BC employees who are trying their best to meet the demands of a global crisis. All the shields, along with face masks, are made with Canadian supplies by Canadian employees. Safe Shields is a small company with a big desire to help Canadians through the COVID-19 health crisis while providing workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compatible face shields. The medical face shields were fully approved by Health Canada with a medical device manufacturing number (MDEL 13863).

Safe Shields face shields are available online from $15.99 and up depending on the size and customization. For more information on Safe Shields face shields visit safeshields.ca


Company Contact Information:

Company: Safe Shields
Contact Name: Kim Shippam
Contact Phone: 1.250.503.2920
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.safeshields.ca

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