International Speaker, Author Award Finalist and Medical Professional on Mental Health and Bullying

Aug 30, 2019

International Speaker and Author Academy Award Winner Finalist

Canadian Author and Nurse Tracey Maxfield Shares Her Personal Story of Battling Depression

Prepare to be horrified! Suicide is now the 2nd leading cause of death for children, teens and young adults age 5 to 24.....yes, you read it correctly, children as young as 5 are committing suicide (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2017).. Are you speechless? Horrified? Dumbstruck? Heartbroken? I AM! Because, many years ago, I was one of those children. I endured constant soul destroying abuse, I picked up a razor blade, I wanted to end my life. I wanted to end the pain…I have been there, I have lived it, breathed it, fought it and I made it out of hell, not once or twice but three times…and I am now helping our kids, our future generation to find their way out of the darkness and despair…
Tracey Maxfield, Working to End the Stigma of Mental Illness and Stop the Suicide Epidemic on a global scale.

Author Guest Interview:
From Vancouver, BC Canada – International speaker, Author and medical professional Tracey Maxfield is sharing her personal journey through mental illness. Her book; Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression is critically acclaimed and is now a finalist for the 2019 Author Academy Awards. Tracey now travels the world helping others to know they’re not alone. Fighting the stigma is so important when it comes to mental illness, so people aren’t afraid to speak up and get help.
“Tracey has journeyed very deep into emotional pain, far beyond where many people have traveled. She can teach you, and me, and all who are fortunate enough to honor her words, that intense psychological injury can be endured, struggled against, and gradually, slowly, overcome.” Dr. Eric Kuelker, Psychologist.

Maxfield has been asked to speak as an expert on ABC, FOX, and NBC. She is a regular guest on many podcasts as well as radio and television broadcasts throughout the world.. Schools are often her focus as well as she gets so much positive reaction from students. In fact, her positive message in school was recognized by The TEACH Conference in Florida in March 2019 as a speaker to educate teachers on the importance of discussing mental health with students.

The size of the audience is never her goal but more the thought that she could reach just one person. She receives messages of hope often thanking her for helping them to the path of recovery. Her true goal is to help anyone get past their depression to escape their own rabbit hole.
“1 in 5 children/teenagers have a mental illness. If untreated or misdiagnosed, these students are more likely to be bullied, drop out of school, turn to drugs/alcohol, engage in criminal activity and/or end their lives by suicide. We are losing our future generation; it’s time to take a stand and say no more and put our kids first!” Says Maxfield.
“Every day in the USA, 16 teenagers die by suicide, over 3041 students in grades 9 to 12 attempt suicide, and 90% of those students had a treatable mental illness. It is time to Engage our kids, to Educate them about mental illness, good mental health, appropriate coping strategies and to Empower them to face a future of hope, potential and dreams.”
About Escaping the Rabbit Hole
Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression is a brutally honest, raw, and vivid description of what life is like after experiencing an acute depressive episode. Through a series of blog posts, journal entries and a letter to self, Tracey shares the excruciating emotional and physical pain she endured, the never-ending feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and sadness which left her inert and unable to function, and her ongoing battle against DBS (death by suicide). To learn more visit http://traceymaxfield.com.

If you’d like Tracey Maxfield to make an appearance or schedule a life changing interview please contact: Tiffynie Hooser. [email protected] 720-467-6090.

Tracey Maxfield;
Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Advocate, Peer Specialist
Author: Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my journey through depression
NAASCA Ambassador for B.C. Canada
Purple Angel Ambassador

Company Contact Information:

Logo Escaping the Rabbit Hole
Company: Escaping the Rabbit Hole
Contact Name: Tracey Maxfield
Contact Phone: 250-826-3535
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.traceymaxfield.com

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