BC and Hollywood Team Up to Produce Reality Show About the Pipeline Industry

Jul 7, 2017

BC and Hollywood Team Up to Produce Reality Show About the Pipeline Industry
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BC and Hollywood Team Up to Produce Reality Show About the Pipeline Industry

Calgary, Alberta- July 7, 2017: Visland Media, Champagne Productions, and Media Farm Partners today announced a new reality TV series telling the compelling stories of the men and women who work in the pipeline industry. Pipe Dreams is slated to go into production this fall for North American airing and international distribution in spring 2018 and will involve unprecedented access behind-the-scenes of a controversial industry.

Following in the footsteps of other popular series that expose the real life drama of working on the frontlines in remote locations and under challenging conditions, pipeline workers face the additional stresses of being the focus of protest, disdain, and outright hostility from environmentalists, First Nations, and a general public that is often misinformed about pipelines.

Pipe Dreams is a documentary-series that follows the adventures of a Canadian pipeline company and their team as they seek to revolutionize the world of mega-infrastructure projects by doing the unimaginable: greening pipeline construction. This innovative pipeline company and its business partners, crews, and technicians seek to strike a new balance between the environment and society’s growing need for energy and related pipeline infrastructure. Pipelines carrying water, fuel, and electricity run beneath cities and towns and cross under mountains, rivers, lakes, and prairies.

Pipeline companies large and small are lining up to support the series and provide the kind of access that is required to make a captivating reality show that takes the viewer to the forefront of an industry that employs thousands of Canadians and by far accounts for the safest means of transporting oil and gas.

Pipe Dreams Executive Producer Rodger Champagne, a Canadian producer working on major Hollywood shows in development such as Hit Song® and LA Comedy Makeover®, is also on the board at Innovative Pipeline Crossings, a Calgary-based company that serves the pipeline industry with new technology from Europe.

“I saw an opportunity to make a popular TV series and maybe help change the public perception of an industry that is under siege,” added Champagne. “How does the public feel about tow truck drivers on the Coquihalla; or border security officers, or State Troopers in Alaska? Reality TV has humanized those people and helped us appreciate what they do.”


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Media Farm Partners (MFP) facilitates investment, and the allocation of best-in-class resources, into development, production and distribution of high-quality, culturally relevant, and commercially appealing films, television, and other media entertainment, ancillary properties and new technologies, to meet the ever-increasing demand for content that inspires as it entertains. MFP has collaborated on projects for industry giants such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Netflix. MediaFarm.biz


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