Fashion resolutions: Part 1

This New Year, make a a resolution to focus on your style.  No matter if you're a full-on fashionista, or stuck in a major fashion rut, resolve to stick to a few of these suggestions and we'll make 2013 the year we take our personal style to the next level. 

1) Start adding more colour: If your closet is a blend of black, grey, and white, this fashion resolution is for you!  Break out of your style rut by incorporating colour in small doses. Accessories are a great starting point!  Use a statement necklace, scarf, or shoes to add a pop of colour to your pre-existing neutral wardrobe.  If bright colours scare you, add some "new neutrals" to your wardrobe like navy, burgundy, or emerald, the hottest colour of 2013.  Another option is to add pastels like mint and blush; their subtle shades will make it easier to transition into the world of colour.
2) Start collecting the classics: If you've ever thought, "I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!".  It's likely you're experiencing what most people suffer from: lack of classic and basic pieces. We are naturally drawn to certain clothing items and will tend to buy them over and over again until we end up with five slightly different neon pink tops, but no basic white t-shirts.  This year, take inventory on your closet and determine what classics you might be missing. A few things you may consider putting on your list to start: a neutral coloured trench coat, a black motorcycle leather jacket, medium striped shirt, dark washed denim, and black ankle boots. Make a list and keep it with you in your phone so that you'll always have it when you're shopping.  Add a piece or two each month and by 2014 you'll have basics that will serve as the foundation of your wardrobe.
3) Only buy things you love: Another reason we get tired of our wardrobes is that we sometimes buy things in a rush, because we feel we need it, or because we get caught up in trends, and end up buying pieces that we don't really love. Commit to only spending money on clothes that you get excited about and you'll always feel like you've got something to wear.  A big part of this resolution is avoiding the trap of buying an item just because its on sale; if you truly love it, buying it on sale is an added bonus!

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