Tips for layering

Fall in the Okanagan tends to be cold in the early morning, warm to almost hot in the afternoon, and cold again in the evening.  This can be quite a challenge when getting dressed in the morning, since no one wants to change their clothes three times a day.  Creating an outfit of layers is a great way to beat the constantly changing mercury. Layering can be, and should me, both functional and fashionable.

Tips for Layering:
  • Start with your good old basics. For this look I chose a thin stripe top; this works in any season, and is a great pattern to mix with anything.  I also wore a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and tucked them into a pair of ankle boots.  This combination creates a slim and streamlined bottom half to counter act the bulky layers on top. You could also use a skirt and tights or a chiffon dress - just remember to stick to the basics!
  • A good place to start when layering is the thinnest layer and end with your thickest.  I added a plaid shirt over the stripe top and left it open, but you could always button it up and tuck it in for a more tailored look. The dark stripes against the cozy flannel is one of my favourite mixed patterns this season, and both are useful to have in your wardrobe as both can be worn multiple ways! Another option is to pair a chunky knit over a collared shirt; simply roll up the sleeves and let the collar out! 
  • Next I layered on another basic, a great black motorcycle jacket. Let the plaid show for interesting take on the jeans, t-shirt, and bomber look. This outfit is a great example of how you can pair multiple basics to achieve a well layered casual cool outfit.  A classic blazer or any of this season's must-have military jackets or anoraks would also work great!
  • And for those of you who are a bit more daring, add an ever-so-popular fur vest over that leather jacket.  A good fur vest is surprisingly versatile; it can be worn alone as a top, or added to a jacket to create a new take on your outerwear.  I also love the mix of leather and faux fur together - very luxe and full of texture.  With all the different layers, you'll be able to keep warm in the morning, cool in the afternoon, and warm again at night!

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