How to wear the trend

The leading fashion designers are always thinking months ahead of the current season and forecasting trends a year in advance (at least).  As I attended different shows at New York Fashion Week, it was obvious that each designer has their own unique point of view and aesthetic for their collection, but common trends definitely emerged throughout the week.

The one trend that repeated over and over again was the monochromatic, black and white look.  Designer after designer used black and white as their main colour palette, only using rich saturated colours as secondary hues.  Even though this trend is set to make a splash next spring, you can start to wear this trend now! Here are some of my favourite black and white looks from NYFW:
  • Break the age-old rule of not wearing white after labour day and rock everything from skinny jeans to fishermen sweaters in a clean and crisp white.
  • Black from head to toe is no longer for funerals and wait staff! Rock the look by mixing different textures like velvet, lace, leather, and knits.
  • Black trousers or an A-line skirt, plus a white silk blouse and pumps is oh so classic, oh so adorable, and oh so on trend.

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