Summer essentials

1. Summer Hat - Whether it's a floppy or a fedora, the straw hat can do double duty with your summer wardrobe by simultaneously protecting your face from the sun and making you look ultra chic and fashionable.

2. Sunglasses - Finding a great pair of sunglasses in the latest shapes like cat-eye and large round can amp up your summer style. You can even go makeup-free to let your skin breathe in the summer heat, and no one will know!

3. Heeled sandals - Flip flops can be great for going to the beach, but when you going out for a patio dinner or heading to work flip flops are generally a no-go. Instead, go for a clog or a wedge to take your sun dress from casual to glam.

4. Two-Piece Bathing Suit - a bikini isn't everyone's cup of tea, but today's styles are for every shape and size. Grab a high waisted retro suit, a tankini, or an itsy bitsy bikini and be proud of how you look! My favourite suits this summer come in neon colours and fun patterns like chevron!

5. Bright Denim Shorts - last seasons colored jean trend is taking a warmer weather approach with coloured shorts. Hot pink is a great way to wear the trend; try it casual with a plain white T or dress it up with a flow-y blouse and heels.

6. Flip Flops - these are an Okanagan staple, so even though I caution against where you wear these, everyone should own a good pair of flip flops. Try them in a fun color like lime green, and remember, there is a time and place for this casual shoe and the office, and date nights aren't one of them!

7. Denim Vest - with the heat this summer we don't exactly need outerwear, but a sleeveless denim vest is the perfect layering piece that keep you cool. This piece will also transition well into Fall, as you can start pairing it with leather jackets and long sleeve shirts when the nights start getting cooler.

8. Maxi Dress - if you plan on buying one piece of clothing this summer, let this essential be it! The maxi dress is flattering on everyone and is the perfect thing to throw on when you feel like you "have nothing to wear", and this season they are found in all kinds of fun patterns and colors.

9. Cross Body Bag - summer walks, cruiser bike rides, and eating ice cream can all be that much more enjoyable if you're not carrying around a huge bag! Keep it simple and go hands free with this summer's it bag; the cross body satchel in a bright neon hue. 

10. Romper - my all-time favourite piece for the season the romper! Love it or hate it, it feels like you're wearing pajamas all while keeping cool and looking fresh!

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