Add color to your winter wardrobe

I don't know about you, but I find this time of year to be the hardest season to dress for. It's starting to warm up a bit, but it's not warm enough here in the Okanagan for Spring clothing quite yet, and yet spring clothing is all you are seeing in stores and magazines. With colors popping and hemlines rising on the mannequins, it can be a real downer to go outside where the only colours are a mix of brown and grey.

Similarly, our Winter wardrobes are starting to get a little bit stale! Sweaters no longer appear cute and cozy, and our boots no longer feel fresh and new. We're yearning to introduce some Spring trends to our style, but we still want to dress for the weather we've got.

The easiest way to overcome the winter blues? Add some bold colour to your regular winter wardrobe. A new brighter pink lipstick or a Spring-appropriate scarf to your everyday winter ensemble will give a jolt of energy to your outfit.

Want to take it a step further? I've been experimenting a lot lately with mix and matching boldly coloured jeans and shoes.  Different colours will compliment or contrast differently, so try out several options!  You never know what combination will strike a chord with you.

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