Mixing and matching

For the last several weeks I've found myself pulling out the same pieces in my wardrobe and putting together similar outfits. Maybe it's the weather or the lull after Christmastime, but creative outfit making is a challenge right now.

However, it's made me realize that I have certain go-to outfits that, when the creativity is low, I can throw together without much thought.  Almost like uniforms, each to its own situation.

The uniforms I wear aren't always the same, but they use the same building blocks to put together a quick and event-appropriate outfit. This prevents me from wearing the exact same outfit, but helps me put together an outfit in a rush by taking similar pieces and mix and matching them. Here are some examples:

Blazer + blouse + colored jeans or trousers: This has been my work go-to outfit for fall and winter. It's smart, sleek, sophisticated and, since I have a large variety of blouses, blazers, and colored jeans, the number of combinations of outfits I can make is nearly endless.

Cable knit sweater + faux fur vest + leggings: This has been my go to casual look lately. I keep the vest the same but switch up my sweater, boots, and accessories for a variation on the look.

Cropped jacket + patterned dress + high heels: This is my go-to look when I can't think of anything to wear for a night out, and it works for any weather. Wear a warmer jacket and tights in the winter or a lighter jacket and go barelegged in the spring and summer. It's easy to make this look different by changing up your jacket and shoes: blue jean jacket and clogs for a casual look, motorcycle jacket and boots for a street-style look, or a blazer and heels for a dressed up look.

What's your uniform? I'd love to know! E-mail me at [email protected]

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