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GULLETT, Nancy Ailene Joy

GULLETT, Nancy Ailene Joy

Nancy Ailene Joy Gullett passed peacefully in her home in West Kelowna on April 27, 2017. Nancy is survived by her daughters, Jenni, Cynthia, and Heather and her sons-in-law Dean, Keith, and Brent as well as her brother Michael.

Nancy would eschew a lot of fuss about all this business, but if you had the pleasure of really knowing her, on a few things you would be clear. You knew when walking through her door you would trip over 27 pairs of tennis shoes, none of which ever “fit quite right”. You knew that if you arrived after a long drive you would be greeted with a magic sandwich, that solved all your problems, accompanied by a frothy cold beer. You knew how to make her martini, and her coffee. You knew she was always desperate for new sweaters. You knew that she was sarcastic, had a laugh that filled a room and was not afraid to swear. You knew that she could never pass by a stray dog. You knew that she created the most beautiful garden planters known to man. You knew the zing of her signature Orange Cake. You knew that she cared deeply, but wasn’t always sure how to show it. You knew to never call on Mondays at 8 PM or interrupt an Il Divo song. You knew that she never complained and thought you ought not either. You knew she was a tremendous listener. You knew that she never called, but waited anxiously for yours. You knew she was intelligent and loved interesting people with plenty of culture. You knew her “Caesar” and her “Caesars,” and you knew that she was the prettiest skier to grace the slopes. You knew she rarely cried and that she smiled widest when behind the wheel of a convertible.

We will remember her often and fondly and will be sure that our lives are better for having known such a complex and lovely woman. We will miss you, Mum.