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Insurance Planning for Kids

When you sit down with your financial planner, you review your investment portfolio, talk about the markets, the kids' RESP accounts and at the end of the meeting you might review your Insurance contracts. We spend the time to ensure that our future is looked after and that our families are protected in the event of a pre-mature death.

Have we forgotten a piece to the puzzle?

Your child is growing and delights you with their first words, their first steps and their first days of school. The first thing many parents do is set up Registered Education Savings Plans to be prepared for the rising cost of education. You might have a savings account set up and in some cases an investment account to start them saving for the future.

We do everything in our power to teach and to ensure their safety and well being. And even though we endeavour to protect our children from life’s ups and downs, we cannot predict the future. This brings me to the missing piece of the puzzle and that is protecting your family in the event that a child becomes sick or passes away prematurely. As parents, we don’t like to think that this will happen but I also know it is a reality for some families.

Protecting your child means more than just having life insurance. It means having the right type of insurance so that it will provide financial support, giving you the ability to take an unpaid leave of absence, pay for specialized treatment but most importantly making sure you stay by their bedside while they recover.

Establishing an insurance plan for our children today will protect everyone during a difficult time, but it also protects them in the future. By starting now, you can take advantage of their youth and health ensuring they have coverage in the future that protects their spouse and kids.

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