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Pharrell is happy about Kelowna!

A few weeks ago we published the Kelowna is Happy video.

We had a total blast making the video. The intention was to participate in a global trend of showing off our community and some happy people to the soundtrack of Pharrell Williams' track “Happy”.
We had no idea that people could hate on happy, but hate they did! According to the forum trolls, we needed to pull the video down, start again, stop showing clique rich kids that are being forced to be happy… the list goes on!
The point was (we thought) the video was about spreading happiness around the world and less about a self centered viewpoint of happiness. However, the serendipity was that it could become a promotional video for Kelowna and we liked that concept. 
We were part way through producing a follow up video when we received an email, requesting that we tag the video with the hashtag #happyday and sign a pile of waivers to release the rights of our video to Sony, Pharrell Williams and the United Nations. Something big was happening.
Last week, we were further amazed when we discovered that Pharrell Williams had hand selected the "Kelowna is Happy" video for inclusion on his website 24hoursofhappiness.com. As the clock ticked over into a new time zone, he featured his favourite video from each time zone.
There are today, more than 1300 community happy videos around the world and Kelowna was picked out among 60-70 videos that in some instances featured some very famous stars and were often produced by large production companies. 
Kelowna should be proud and we were privileged to have the opportunity to participate in such a fun project. Unlike one comment that suggested someone's high school buddy can produce better videos (which I am sure in some instances is very true), a few people apparently thought Kelowna’s was OK. The point is, it was produced. Thanks to Lucy Lauretta at Giobean who pioneered the project it wasn’t just a thought. It became a live project and in a very short time was completed.
The results of the project are dramatic. Within the first 40 hours of the site going live, 70,000 tweets were sent out using the hashtag #happyday and more than 211 million people viewed the site. Our town will have benefited from the donations of everyone involved in the video who gave their time, their energy, their smiles and even spent money to make it a success!
So, here is the follow up. Along the same lines as Jimmy Kimmels “Celebrities read mean tweets” segment, we figured we would have a little fun and make ourselves a little happier by reading some of the comments. We like the result and we hope you do too!

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