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Is Lisa fat?

You Gotta Try This host, Lisa Willard is now a little lighter than she was a few months ago. After giving birth to a beautiful young baby boy, Lisa and husband, Markus have been taking time to accustom to their new lifestyle.
In the meantime, the next show is already in production. We are reformatting to accommodate the many busy tasks of a young Mum and will unveil the new show in the next few weeks… did you think Lisa was fat?

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About the Author

Lisa Redl and Matt Jennings-Bates recently teamed up to combine their marketing and technology knowledge and create a digital TV show - You Gotta Try This. "I didn’t think that the environment existed for a fun, light hearted look at tourism in the Okanagan so, together with Lisa, I decided to put a TV show together highlighting the beautiful area we live in and voila!"

Lisa Redl, star of "Out There" recently returned to the Okanagan after a brief stint in California. Lisa's natural comedic ability and background in the film and TV industry allow her to shape the show's in a way that only Lisa can!

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