Crazy for face-swapping app

If you've been on Facebook lately, and let's face it, you have. 

You've probably seen your friends posting pictures of what they would look like as member the opposite sex. 

It's a 'new-ish' app that is changing the face(s) on Facebook.

The gender-swapping app allows women to swap their feminine features for a more manly facial structure.

It is found at Kueez.com

The application based on 3rd-party technology, developed by a company called Faceapp (faceapp.com).

This is not the original, but for some people, the swap is eerily accurate.  

"Lmao this is crazy!!!" Posted one user. 

Another posted, "In case you need to take yourself down a peg or two. Ladies.. give this a shot and please share your results."

The #kueez is trending on social media platforms. 

The results of the swap are both horrifying and hilarious for some.

"Omg I look like a pervert haha #kueez"

"Eww #kueez"

"Either way I'm BE-YOU-TEE-FULL! #kueez"

The app has been liked on Facebook 1.4 million times.

There is also a version for men who are curious as to what they would look like as a woman. 

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