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Equinox Syrah, 2015

Wine: Equinox Syrah, 2015

Winery: Le Vieux Pin, Oliver

Why drink it? The 2016 vintage may also be available in the wine shop. But, if you’re looking for a gorgeous Syrah that will, undoubtably, have you taking a breath after a sip and then saying a quiet “wow”, hurry before it’s gone. The winery’s description of the 2015 is as poetic as the wine itself: garnet in colour, with good marriage between old and new world styles, and perfectly balanced. On the nose you’ll find spice notes like black pepper, blackberry and dark plums, followed by earthy flavours mixed with a bit of leather and red fruits. Each sip brings more to explore.

Price: $90

Pair with: A special occasion, most likely, perhaps a first day of autumn dinner with friends when the weather has just turned to fall, and you feel like braising beef, or roasting leg of lamb, or taking a bounty of different mushrooms getting creative.

Music pairing: L’est écrit, Francis Cabrel

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