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Baco Noir 2016

Wine: Baco Noir 2016

Winery: Ancient Hill, Kelowna

Why drink it? Baco Noir is rarely found in the Okanagan, but more common in Ontario. The grape is a red wine French-American hybrid created by Francois (wait for it) Baco, and is described as Indigenous to North America. This one is a deep, brooding red, the flagship of the winery, bold and rich. Dark chocolate, dark plum, and an intriguing note of earthiness, kind of like the scent of a new tire, on the nose. The flavours of black fruits, cigar box, and vanilla bean nicely blend together, with a lengthy but surprisingly soft finish. It’ll be interesting to taste again in a few years.

Price: $25

Pair with: The acidity of the wine made an accidental perfect pairing with a double pepperoni and mushroom pizza. So go with salty cured meats, or dishes with a thick tomato sauce such as a baked pasta covered in crusty, melted cheese on top.

Music pairing: Be Cool, Sophie Milman

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