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McWatters Meritage blend

Wine: Meritage (red blend) 2016

Winery: McWatters Collection, Penticton

Why drink it? It’s hard to believe that the man behind this label has pressed his last grapes, but rather than hold on to this bottle (which you can, for three or so years, perhaps), why not open it and enjoy its aromas of cassis, cocoa nibs, blackberry jam, with hints of leather now? A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, the aging in French oak is elegant and the flavours of dark fruits are nicely expressed with smooth tannins on the finish and a nice balance overall. And it’s meritage like heritage, in case you’ve been wondering. A term created by McWatters himself.

Price: $30

Pair with: A fond memory shared with a close circle of friends and family, or a newly discovered future BFF, preferably on a patio or around your kitchen island, with plenty of laughter. Rest in peace Harry McWatters while the legacy you started for BC wine goes on.

Music pairing: Go Rest High on that Mountain, Vince Gill

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