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Road 13 Roussanne

Wine: Roussanne 2017

Winery: Road 13, Oliver

Why drink it? Roussanne is not all that common in the Okanagan; from the Rhône region of France, this particular style is becoming the winemaking focus at Road 13. A beautiful golden hue in the glass, the grapes come from the Similkameen and have been well tended from picking to fermentation, producing a subtle tropical nose with pineapple and hints of honey and oak. The winery describes the wine as round and opulent, and it is indeed deceptively luxurious after a good sip or two. Flavours of apricot and vanilla bean, light sage, and the pineapple carries through from the aromas. Not what you might expect from a white wine, but a delightful discovery that can age for a few years.

Price: $26

Pair with: A variety of patés might be fun to see which one pairs best. Roast chicken or pork with a side of extra creamy mashed potatoes, or a quiche with loads of butter and a mix of mild to medium cheeses. A rich breakfast frittata will do nicely too.

Music pairing: Birthday, The Beatles

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