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Lake Breeze Naramata

Wine: Pinot Gris, 2017

Winery: Lake Breeze, Naramata

Why drink it? The labels have recently been re-designed as the winery creates several wine tiers, but the wines remain clean and classic, like this bottle of “PG” that has racked up a number of big awards, deservedly so. Very Naramata in its style, with aromas of freshly picked pears and stone fruits mingling with just a bit of spice. Minerality on the palate with flavours of green apple, white peaches, and nicely balanced weight and light acidity on a smooth finish. A good bottle to have on hand chilling in the fridge for impromptu patio time, or age-worth for a couple of years./

Price: $21

Pair with: Summer salads or flatbreads featuring goat cheese and arugula, with a side selection of pickled carrots and roasted nuts, topped with a fruit-based vinaigrette. Grilled chicken or pork, or a burger of one or both meats topped with a softer cheese and local greens.

Music pairing: Summer Breeze, Seals & Crofts

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