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Monte Creek Rose

Wine: Rosé, 2017

Winery: Monte Creek Ranch, Kamloops

Why drink it? The winery has a bit of a quirky history, as does this wine. It’s wild-fermented, so it was kind of left up to nature to do the work, and it’s Marquette. If you Wikipedia the grape, you’ll see it’s an “inter-specific hybrid” introduced in, of all places, Minnesota. Clearly, it loves a cooler climate.  A bright ruby-pink hue, aromas of vanilla bean and strawberry shortcake, leading to a subtly off-dry but crisp sip with notes of cranberries and ripe cherries, with a hint of rhubarb. Nicely chilled, it’s a good choice for patio season. Uncomplicated and enjoyable.

Price: $18

Pair with: Chill a bottle for pre-lunch or dinner sips, or put together a salad of red berries and serve at brunch. A fresh idea borrowed from a kid’s birthday party – “dessert charcuterie”. Artfully arrange a plate of favourite candies, invite over a handful of adults, and have fun.

Music pairing: Shake the Sugar Tree, Pam Tillis

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