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Nectar of the Gods

Wine: Nectar of the Gods (red blend), 2016

Winery: Blasted Church, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? You can, if you are feeling blessed, pick up a bottle of this tempting red blend of Cot Noir (aka Malbec), Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon in three or six litre bottles. But you will need help lifting the big bottles for pouring, and perhaps decanting, as this wine opens up with a bit of time in the glass. Rich plum and cassis notes with some earthiness on the nose, an inky indigo colour leads you to a taste that inspires the question, “Woah, what is this?” thanks to a bold, but balanced, mix of dark berries, sage, and leather. As one taster remarked, “Oh, this is heavenly.”

Price: $55

Pair with: Meaty, roasted things: lamb, Maui ribs, stuffed and grilled portobello mushrooms. A deeply flavoured porcini mushroom soup or an experimental mushroom risotto with a combination of bold and sharp cheeses. Good takeout barbecue pork will pair nicely as well.

Music pairing: Mercy, Shawn Mendes

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