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Black Hills Chardonnay

Wine: Chardonnay 2017

Winery: Black Hills, Oliver

Why drink it? Just released, a lot of love and care went into this well-crafted chard. A good transitional white wine with medium body and weight to get you through a cool spring until summer hits. Notes of lemon rind, fresh pears, and pie dough with a bit of tropical fruit on the nose. The oak treatment is present but nicely balanced, with minerality, vanilla bean, and clarified butter rounding out the citrus flavours and a long finish. Lovely to drink now, or put it on the wine rack for a couple of years to let it rest and fully develop its complex layers.

Price: $30

Pair with: A pear and gorgonzola tart. If adventurous, anything with lemon curd including buttery breakfast pastries and a side of crème fraiche to mix and match. Fettucine alfredo, or a creamy version of mac’n’cheese with lots of butter and seasoned bread crumbs on top.

Music pairing: Remedy, The Black Crowes

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