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Van Westen, Naramata

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Wine: Violeta (Malbec), 2015

Winery: Van Westen, Naramata

Why drink it? There is something distinct about wines from the Naramata Bench, a certain ruggedness blended with elegance, perhaps? This Malbec is a reflection of that, with rustic characteristics of pepper and spice notes with noticeable, but not overbearing, tannins. As the wine ages, or with decanting a couple of hours before dinner, the ruggedness evolves into a softer sip, still with the intrigue of tobacco and leather, but the dark plum and cherry notes come forward, almost paying tribute to the orchards in the area. Rich, warm, with hints of fruitcake on the second (or third) glass.

Price: $35

Pair with: Roasted or grilled game meat along with a side of lightly seasoned autumn root veggies, even roasted tomatoes may work based on the winery’s tasting notes. A savory blueberry sauce can take the place of cranberry sauce this coming holiday season, for a change.

Music pairing: Big Man on Mulberry Street, Billy Joel

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