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Roche, Naramata Bench

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Wine: Arôme, 2017

Winery: Roche, Naramata Bench

Why drink it? And now for something very different, from Roche, now in its second year on the Naramata Bench: Schonberger. This grape is a pinot noir, muscat, chasselas cross and the name aptly describes the intense nose from this white wine. Beautifully aromatic, imagine that you’re on a tropical beach next to exotic flowers, with freshly sliced papaya and guava next to you. The flavours are fresh and light, refreshing but not overly acidic. If you’re looking for a bottle to get you through the rest of summer, this will gently prepare you for the autumn transition to weightier whites and light reds.

Price: $19

Pair with: Take-out sushi, but also lightly spiced Thai dishes or curries, like mango chicken curry or Indian dishes featuring tropical fruit. Make your own fruit salsa with cilantro, and serve with grilled halibut, cod, or sole.

Music pairing: Molly Town, Joss Stone

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