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Quinta Ferreira, Oliver

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Wine: Malbec, 2012

Winery: Quinta Ferreira, Oliver

Why drink it? Malbec typically has a deep purple-inky colour making it easy to spot in a lineup of reds, and also slightly softer tannins than other deep red wines… just like this one. The winery smartly holds back its reds to age a bit and integrate its flavours before releasing bottles for purchase, and while this bottle can rest for another couple of years, it’s drinkable now. A swirl in the glass releases dark cherry and ripe blueberry notes with a hint of vanilla bean. A sip? Raspberry, some plum, spice notes from the oak treatment, and a very subtle note of mint on the finish.

Price: $35

Pair with: Even with its smoother tannins than other bold reds, this wine pairs well with most meats — lamb, leaner cuts of red meat like skirt steak, and even slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches. Anything with blue cheese (including veggie burgers, or in a salad dressing), will be tasty.

Music pairing: Pipe Dreams, Nelly Furtado

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