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Camelot, East Kelowna

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Wine: Ruthless Rosé, 2017

Winery: Camelot, East Kelowna

Why drink it? The first rosé produced by Camelot, a charming winery in East Kelowna that embraces its medieval theme, this pinot noir based pink sipper has the pinkish hue of the recent “blood moon” we all tried to Instagram. The nose is light, with hints of vanilla, strawberry jam, and pink grapefruit. The grapefruit extends to the flavours with subdued citrus, watermelon, and grilled peaches that have been nicely caramelized. Definitely fruit forward, those who like super dry rosés may find the this one a little too…ruthless with the fruitiness.

Price: $20

Pair with: This is a pool party rosé. Grab the unicorn floaties and some friends on a hot summer day, and your Go Vino (plastic, safety first!) glasses, and the raspberries and strawberries you picked up at the fruit stand, and simply enjoy. But keep the wine on ice.

Music pairing: If Ever I Would Leave You, from the musical Camelot

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