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Baccata Ridge, Grindrod

For Canada’s 150th birthday this year, Castanet is featuring an Okanagan wine each week, celebrating the bottles of our Valley and the diversity of the Canadian wine industry, including suggested food pairings and Canadian music artist to listen to while enjoying a glass. For current availability, consult the winery.

Wine: Blueberry Reserve, 2016

Winery: Baccata Ridge, Grindrod

Why drink it? Yes, blueberry wine. The reserve version of this vintage is slightly sweeter than the table version, and it is worth trying them side by side to pick a favourite. The reserve has a bright floral lift on the nose, and, of course, the wafting scent of blueberries that have just been picked. And it tastes as you would expect, like blueberries. But the sweetness does not overpower the fruit flavours, and there is a nice vanilla essence coupled with a mildly lingering finish. The winery suggests serving it cold, but as it warms up in the glass, the blueberry shines through with hints of roasted nuts and fruitcake.

Price: $19.50

Pair with: The sweeter reserve pairs extremely well with toffee-covered hazelnuts and almond cookies, and, in fact, makes a great “blueberry tea”; not the usual recipe, but 2/3rds good Earl Grey, 1/3rd wine, a lemon slice and honey. The drier version, roast turkey or duck, especially with a blueberry reduction.

Classic CanCon music pairing: Bluebird Island, Hank Snow

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