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Tightrope, Naramata Bench

Wine: Rosé, 2016

Winery: Tightrope, Naramata Bench

Why drink it? As summer whips in, prepare your patio with pink. A blend of Pinot Noir with just five percent Barbera, a varietal that lends a bit of structure and is rare in the Okanagan, this rosé showcases all of the possibilities of Pinot. Make sure it’s well chilled, with maybe five minutes out of the fridge before pouring. Then savour the mix of lime, raspberry, and a touch of pink grapefruit. 

Price: $25

Pair with: It is grilling season, but that doesn’t always mean meat. Take an elegant grilled cheese and throw it on the BBQ. A well-oiled grill, sourdough, thin sliced brie or camembert, plus a layer of a harder cheese (smoked Havarti?), fig jam, and basil. Have a side of grilled pear slices.

Classic cancon music pairing: Rose Coloured Glasses, Blue Rodeo

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