New directory on Castanet

Have you noticed a change at the bottom of the Castanet Home Page? We've added a footer for readers to quickly find everything on the Castanet site.

Castanet Technical Director, Troy Ryder says, "The change is like a site map for everything Castanet. It's an all-in-one directory for people to go to find what they're looking for."

Ryder says the company does things incrementally so readers get used to changes in small doses. This assures readers and site viewers can always find what they're looking for even though the company is making changes. 

"It can be frustrating for people to go to a site they are used to and find all these changes, and that's what we've learned over the years. We only make small changes, one step at a time," says Ryder.

It took several days of design work for the Castanet technical team to create the footer and all of its links.

The team is also working on new categories for RVs and Power Sports. These will soon be launched as part of Castanet's huge directory for vehicles for sale. Separating the larger units from cars and trucks and adding the two categories will allow people quicker access to find what they are looking for. If it's a car, truck, quad or motorhome, they will all be easier to find.

Keeping with the slow and steady introduction of new ideas . . . look for these changes to take place within the next month.

Here is a look at the new index - to view the links go to the Castanet main page and scroll down.

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