Faces of the Okanagan

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A new feature making its way into the mix on Castanet.net is the "Faces of the Okanagan" feature. This is where we ask Okanagan residents to answer a variety of questions, such as, what is your favorite:

  • Local restaurant?

  • Summer activity?

  • Winter activity?

  • Vacation destination?

  • Beach or park?

  • Gem of the Okanagan?

We're looking for those individuals that manage to squeeze the most out of life in the Okanagan. Share a little about yourself, where you work, how long you've lived in the Okanagan, etc.
Write your own or submit one for a friend or family member. Please obtain consent before sending our way! Aim for 350 words, include a photo and send it to [email protected].

Do you need an example of what we're looking for? Look at Kevin Bennett's excellent "Faces of the Okanagan" feature.

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