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How does an artist create?

What would you do if you could really get inside the mind of an artist? Would it inspire you to create something? Would it change you in any way?

That’s what Jane Eamon asked when she started on her eight year quest to find out. Having left her art (songwriting) for over 25 years, Eamon was full of questions she couldn’t answer about what she was trying to do. So she went to others who practiced the same art form and asked them how they managed, what they felt and how they did what they did. And they answered her, each and every one.

The result is Eamon’s new book, The Songwriter’s Voice. Twenty-six songwriters from Canada and the US thoughtfully picked up the pen and responded. Talking about what it feels like to be a songwriter, what it feels like to be stuck, the fear of rejection, the pain of recording for the first time, the rituals and processes they went through to pursue this life of art.

Eamon shares her own story and invites the other writers in to add to the conversation. The result is insightful, poignant, moving and often funny. These are not dabbling songwriters, most of them make a living doing this. Writers like Shari Ulrich, Mae Moore, Stephen Fearing, Ian Thomas, local writers like Barry Mathers, Andrew Smith and Norm Strauss.

The book was indeed a labour of love and sweat. Eight years to compile, edit and rewrite the conversations of songwriters. It’s a must read for anyone who’s ever wanted to create.

Here is a recent interview she did with Rhythm lab studios:

Eamon’s desire is to get the book into every songwriter’s hands. “As writers, we often work in isolation. We don’t get a lot of feedback unless we go looking for other writers, and that can be daunting, “says Eamon. “I hope this book will provide some answers and encouragement to writers to keep going.”

The book is now available at Mosaic Books in Kelowna, or online here.  

For those who don't know Eamon has been a staple in Kelowna's music scene. Hosting songwriting circles, mentoring emerging songwriters and even co-writing Kelowna's centennial song in 2005.


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