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Discover great Canadian music

Very excited to announce that a new group of music lovers in Kelowna have started a podcast featuring great Canadian talent.

Mike Pederson is the owner of "Music City Studios" and has teamed up with Dan Oig to produce the podcast out of his recording studio. The soundcloud link below is their fourth podcast within a few days of the launch.

Apple featured the podcast in the "New and Noteworthy" section. Looking forward to sharing more of their podcasts as they come available.

Music City Podcast can also be found on Facebook:

Set list:
2:21 Five Alarm Funk
8:45 Chris Thompson
14:06 Fields of Green
20:27 The Rest
28:47 Redgy Blackout
31:00 Jesse LeBourdais
35:09 Wilderness Crew
40:31 Malibu Knights

Subscribe in iTunes at the following link:

Here are some YouTube videos of the bands featured:

As an extra bonus, Dan Oig does a video feature in town called Oig'd. Its a bit quirky but for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Here it is:


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