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Interview: Straight No Chaser

I recently connected with Tyler Trepp from Straight No Chaser.

They are performing this March 11th (that's this weekend) at the Kelowna Community Theatre. Tickets are available here.

RD: As the ambassadors for a cappella pop have you seen the appetite for a cappella music grow over the past decade? Do you feel that shows such as "The Sing Off" have helped that or is it that we only now starting to focus on the a cappella sound that has existed below the radar?

Not only have we seen a cappella music grow over the last TWO decades(rise among collegiate a cappella in U.S.), we've seen it grow exponentially in the last 4 years we've been together. People are becoming more aware of a cappella music, and to us that is AWESOME. Shows like "The Sing Off" and "Glee" definitely help the genre of a cappella music. Being on primetime TV is popular in itself, and the fact that these shows have a cappella music and wonderful vocal harmonies only helps us, and we think that is great.

RD: After watching some of the youtube videos I'm struck by how much more than a cappella your show is. It looks like you have lots of fun on stage......

We do have a lot of fun. We never consider this a job because this is so much fun for us and at the end of the day, it's what all 10 of us want to be doing. On stage, we're just being ourselves usually making fun of each other. If someone on stage makes a mistake, I'm sure that someone else will point it out. If we're having fun, we know the audience is having fun and that's what we're here to do; make sure the audience has a good time at our shows.

RD: It was recently noted that you have average about 160 concerts per year. That's a lot of time on the road. Any tricks for keeping everything running smoothly and everyone getting along? (I mean 10 guys on the road for months on end does lead to the thought that there may be some truth to the music video for "Tainted Love")?

Ha, well we are all brilliant actors so that music video just showcased that. Joking. Yes, we are on the road a lot and just like anything, there are bumps along the way. Fatigue, homesick, whatever. However we're very good at working through everything and kind of like brothers; if something needs to be worked out we sit down and work it out. Very rarely does it happen though, we usually get along pretty good.

Straight no Chaser - Tainted Love

RD: Most of the tracks that you do are covers. Do any members of the group write their own songs? Have any originals been added to the repertoire over the years?

A handful of guys do write their own material. I think Ryan and Mike have solo albums out there that they recorded before this group. Jerome has written some songs as well. I've written songs too although a lot of them aren't finished yet. I think I'm gonna start writing songs for Katy Perry though, she seems to be really popular. In all seriousness we have thought about adding originals to our records so I'm sure in the near future you will see some sprinkled in to our sets.

RD: What's the biggest highlight about touring and performing with SNC?

I'm doing what I love doing. Seeing crowds reactions to our shows is unlike any other feeling.

Straight no Chaser - I'm Yours


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