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Kevin and Sonia bid farewell

For the past few years the top radio rankings and morning show in town has consistently been Kevin and Sonia on Sun FM.

In many of the event planning meetings I've been in, the first name thrown out as a potential emcee is Kevin Lim, and by far the most seen social media posts each day, around Kelowna, are from Kevin and Sonia.

It's a slick system, play some great music, pick a topic on the radio and "continue the conversation" with them on social media.

Last month we announced that they were leaving town, and now it's been confirmed that they are moving their successful collaboration to Peak FM in Vancouver.

I recently complained to a friend that Kelowna always seem to lose our best and brightest young professionals. Curiously his response was simply that it's just tough for our relatively small job market to compete with the types of offers that can come from the bigger city centres. For Kevin and Sonia their move to Vancouver means reconnecting with their families and friends, and they will be jumping into a market 10x larger than ours.

They wrap up their time hosting the morning show on Sun FM tomorrow (Friday, April 25th) so I wanted to connect with them before they left to talk about their time here and their next adventure. Here's the video:

Kevin Lim and Sonia Sidhu

Thanks again Mike at Music City Studio for helping host the show and record the audio for the interview.  

Extended Interview: Kevin and Sonia talk about the new jobs they are going to in Vancouver.  

And to leave you guys with a unique video. Here is Kevin doing the voice over at our local online success story: Club Penguin. I didn't even recognize his voice. 


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