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Typically I talk about local entertainment and events but today I wanted to offer some other entertainment options. Its all about Netflix Canada, the most popular shows, some shows you may want to check out and an interactive movie selector.

Top Ten TV shows on Netflix Canada (by popularity, current as of March 31st, 2014) in order of popularity:

Suits - this is my current favourite show these days. Great writing, great characters, with a classic underdog, living the American dream, story rooted in a high end law firm in New York

Orange is the New Black - a female comedy/drama set in a women's prison. Its #2 on Canadian Netflix and tons of people love the show but I couldn’t get that into after the fourth or fifth episode. 

Family Guy - totally surprised that this was is the third most viewed show in Canada.

Good Wife - I’ve been watching this law-firm political drama since it came out. She’s dealt with her husbands sex scandal, re-entering the work force as a lawyer, political and court room drama. If House of Cards is a bit too much politics for you this is a better choice.  

Dexter - A serial killer who kills serial killers. For the first few years I wrote this off as a low budget cop show in the genre of NCIS but honestly it grows on you and if you can get through the first few episodes and you don’t mind the topic at hand its a decent show.

Downton Abbey - boring!! no idea how this made it on here, really want the 45 minutes back it took to watch the pilot but if you like Coronation Street then maybe this is for you.

Gossip Girl - I think its about girls who like to gossip but I don’t know as I’ve never watched it.

Breaking Bad - for all the folks who rave about this show as one of the best shows on tv I’ve honestly tried watching it but got bored to tears after episode 3. Maybe I missed something. 

Heroes - one of the initial Sci-Fi TV shows that I got into on netflix. It had a great first couple seasons but fell off the rails by season three in some rather stupid plot twists.

House of Cards - Truly the best political drama in a long time. Lets just hope Francis Underwood doesn’t run for Mayor in Kelowna this November. 

I asked my network on Facebook what their favourite Netflix shows were and got a ton of responses. See below:



My Suggestions (with some help from my fb pals) in no particular order:

Hell on Wheels - great “American frontier” based story about the construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad in the vein of HBO’s Deadwood with less of the vulgar language.

Derek - Ricky Gervias stars in this quirky story about a 50 yr old man who works in a retirement home in England.
Luther - One of the darker cop shows out there but great non-the-less. A show about Luther who, though struggling with his own demons, is utterly brilliant in hunting down his targets.

Homeland - great show that weaves in the culturally relevant themes of terrorism, a lot of our stereotypes, and some good old fashioned politics and desire. 

American Horror Stories or Supernatural (for the teen early 20 audience - not my cup of tea)

The Killing - one of the slowest moving cop shows I’ve ever seen. If you want a fast moving show do not watch this one. This series is truly only moving forward with its fourth season due to Netflix throwing their support behind the show. 

Pretty Little Liars (recommended as a “chick series” by a friend of mine)

100 - is a new sci-fi show that blends together the themes from Lost, Hunger Games, and if it goes where I’m thinking it will Planet of the Apes. The first episode looked promising but you should be aware that it is only being released on a weekly basis so no binge watching for this one.

Mad Men - a couple years old but if you haven’t watched it and you are interested in the world of advertising set in the 60’s its a brilliant show. As much as folks tend to look back at the “good ol’ days” its also a nice reminder how far our society has come in the last 50 years ;) 


Discover some new Netflix Movies:

I found this neat interactive chart a couple years back. It was last updated in July 2013 so the “expiring soon” options don’t work but its a great resource if you want to find films with high star ratings, with certain age ratings, or from various decades

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