Dehli 2 Dublin performs on Valentines

If your still unsure how to spend your Valentines, look no further. KBAAD and Wetape productions have you covered. They are bringing back Dehli 2 Dublin to Kelowna. If my memory serves correctly its been a number of years since this act was in Kelowna and they always put on a great show. Tickets are $18 and can be bought online for this  Feb 14th concert at the RCA by clicking here.

I caught up with two of the band members Tarun and Sanjay to do an email interview about their music, lost monkeys, and gigs for royalty.


RD: I gather the monkey on the cover of your album got lost this year. For those who may be new to your group, can you tell us what happened?

Tarun: We lost our monkey. Check out findhanu.com

RD If there's a word used to describe the body of your work it's usually "original." Eight years in, does this put the pressure on?

 Sanjay: Not most of the time. We’re pretty free to be whom we want, but there are times when I feel that we can't go outside of what has become the "D2D norm" because people get upset that things don't sound like they used to or how they want the music to sound. So yeah, even though we started off by being original, the audience quickly wants you to stay how you were when you started. It’s kinda funny. 

RD: How was the pre-Grammy showcase?

Sanjay: It was a lot of fun. I love meeting people who are successful in what they do and the fact that they are Canadian is even cooler. Got to meet Rich Aucoin, and he was the nicest guy ever. Makes me happy to see nice guys making art and spreading love.

RD: Where do you see yourselves fitting on the world music scene at the moment and how does the band measure that? Or do you?

Sanjay: It’s funny. I don't think we fit in the world music scene. They are not as accepting as one would think, but, really, who cares. We are making the music that we like to make and it makes people happy. So to all the people trying to keep world music pure, whatever that means, good luck. Its their mission not mine. People in the World scene are uncomfortable with us using current bass beats, as if adding beats makes us unauthentic or something. Oh, well, we'll just keep on trucking 

RD: Why do Bhangra and Celtic click?

Tarun: Mysteries of the universe part 376 

RD: Is there a musical style or instrument you're interested in incorporating, but haven't had the opportunity to work with as yet?

Sanjay: I'd love to work with a full string and horn section... almost like a big band world funk bass extravaganza! 

RD: It’s February and you are all out on the road, how do you keep romance alive in your own lives?

Sanjay:  Being away so much you almost feel like a sailor when you get home... off fighting the good fight spreading the good vibes. So, when you come home, it's kinda romantic in its own way. Er, yeah... and being very present when at home helps a ton.

RD: What was it like to play for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

Sanjay: No big deal really. It is the 150 000 people in front of you that is way cooler. Besides, they were sitting beside us on the stage facing out too. So, I never really got to see their reactions while we were performing.

RD: Is there someone you aspire to play for? (Celebrity, musician or otherwise)

Tarun: Manu Chao.

How do you create your music? Do you all get together and jam? Are you more likely to create new work with an audience in the room? Do you sit down and talk about what you would like to do next before you go ahead and play or does it evolve from a more organic place?

It happens in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, it comes out of beats I produce and then give to Sanjay. More recently, we're jamming out stuff with our great friend James Hussain. That's super fun and really helps us keep the d2d vibe alive in the creation process. Otherwise, things can go off on strange tangents when we're all working on little bits and pieces by ourselves. In the next couple of months, we're going to try and write our next album in a week! Lock ourselves up in a room, and commit to writing a song a day. Lets see what happens ;)

Live Music Listings

Friday, Feb.14th, 2014 venue
Annie & Dustin Marmalade Cat Cafe
Blues Brothers Tribute Kelowna Lake City Casino 
Bruce Spencer Minstrel Cafe
Delhi 2 Dublin w/ Wild Son  Rotary Centre for the Arts
Floyd Vedan Band O’Flannigans Pub
Jimmy LeGuilloux Band The Blue Gator
Live Jazz Vintner’s Poolside Grill
My Kind of Karma

Fernandos Pub


Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2014 venue
Floyd Vedan Band O’Flannigans Pub
Hedley Prospera Place
Jimmy LeGuilloux Band The Blue Gator
Live Music Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Okanagan Symphony Kelowna Community Theatre
Poppa Dawg Minstrel Cafe
Slamdogs Riley's Pub
The Elk Tribe Streaming Café
Zakk Wylde Level


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