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Remembering Delanie

Castanet was contacted by the family and friends of Delanie Smith, the young girl who tragically lost her life in a vehicle accident Thursday night.

These are memories of Delanie that the family and friends wanted to share:

Rory Neufeld, Delanie's older brother tells us about his sister.

"She absolutely loved animals. If it was warm and furry, it got picked up and brought home. She was only seventeen, but had the maturity of an adult. She just got a car, two jobs, school and her own basement suite. She wanted to grow up and get her life going. She stood up for her friends and always made their problems her problem." 

Rory says his younger sister wanted to go to the Dominican with her friends after school was over.

"To lose someone like this is a tragedy I don't think I'll ever come to terms with. Her friends words capture her more beautifully than I can. I wish she never got in that truck that night. I wish that I could hear her laugh just one more time."


Marilee Trewhitt

Delanie and I have been friends since the third grade.  We became very close in middle school and from then on we would do everything together. Summer 2010 was when we parted. She had new friends and we stopped hanging out, yet we were still close.  We had so many wonderful memories, too many to fit the page.

Everywhere I walk, everywhere I look, there she is.  I didn't know her as the "party girl" as everyone else seems to know her as.  I knew her deeper.  Delanie was one of the smartest girls I knew, although she didn't always act it.  If I, or anyone of our friends were in a situation she would solve or fix it until everything was okay.  She never gave up and ALWAYS tried her hardest. I don't remember a time where I needed help and she didn't give it. 

She was always there for her friends. She was born strong and stayed strong through everything.  Delanie was one of the strongest girls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Although shes gone from the world, her memories are left along the town like tattoos.  If i could say one thing to her before she left it would be to say, "Thank you for always being there for me and thank you for the 10 years of memories that will never go forgotten. Your beautiful and always will be. An angel forever"


Tanisha Duriez

I have known Delanie Smith for ten years. The first day we met we were both new to Glenrosa Elementary school and we were in the same class. She hit me in the head with a chair, so I threw a shoe at her. We laughed so hard, I don't know how our friendship grew from something like that but it did, and we were friends ever since.

Growing up, Delanie always found a way to get what she wanted, and she worked hard for it too. She was such a free spirit always the life of the party having a great time wherever she went. Delanie would do anything for her friends, she was very protective over everyone. In middle school our group of friends always got into trouble and she would always be the one to get us out of situations. Even though we drifted apart when high school came we were always close when we got together.

On September first we had our first grad camp-out, Delanie came and I spent a lot of my night with her. She told me I needed to take care of myself. That she knew I was supposed to make something of my life. Delanie cared deeply about her friends, they were family to her. I know she's taking care of Brianna and that she'll be all right. Because that's what Delanie did, she took care of the people that she loved.

Never in my life will I have a friend like Delanie Smith again. They only come around once in a lifetime, and I'm forever grateful she hit me in the head with that chair back in the third grade. There is a thousand different things I could say about Delanie Smith, but I know that's what she'd want me to say. That she was there for me through thick and thin.


Charmin Brandt.

Delanie was an amazing friend and such a beautiful girl. One of those girls that you don't find around much anymore. She was always positive about everything and every situation and loved and cared for everyone. Her and I have had quite a few unforgettable times together. Nights full of dancing and laughs shared between us and everyone else.

She was always there for me no matter what and always knew exactly how to cheer me up. She always had a huge smile on and was always laughing and carefree. She would go up to anyone and just say, "Hi my name is Delanie."

She was so outgoing and confident. Delanie was one of the most friendly and excepting people ever to walk this earth. I think of her as one of my good friends and I know that she will be looking down on me as well as everyone else.

The past few days have been tough and knowing that she won't be there when I come to visit I can't get over, but "I won't say goodbye because goodbye means forever. So I will see you soon then."

See you in heaven Delanie, rest easy beautiful. I love you so much and that will never change. Xoxo My thoughts and prayers go out to both family's and friends who lost two amazing people. We will never forget you guys.


Christina Wilson

I love Delanie so much, I couldn’t be more grateful that she was a big part of my life. I don’t imagine ever meeting someone else with a spirit as free as hers. She was the only one that could really convince me to get out of my shell and live a little. I did the most crazy things with Delanie she truly knew how to seize the day. We all know Delanie was the life of the party but she was also so much more then that. She was the best friend to have lazy days with, just lying in bed all day watching movies eating junk food and sharing secrets. My secrets were always safe with her. Not only was she trustworthy herself but also she was trusting in others. Delanie was the friendliest girl and she knew how to make the best out of bad situations. When I was upset she was right by my side to cheer me up. We got through a lot together. I always admired how brave and independent she was.

She lived up to her tattoo “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow” because she lived every day like her last and there was never a dull moment spent with her. She will always be the bravest, beautiful, trustful and caring person I knew. I am forever thankful to have met her. I will miss her for the rest of my life. Delanie will always hold a spot in my heart and our memories together will never fade. Until the day I see her again I will be making her proud as she watches over all of her friends and family. Rest In Paradise.


Shannel Mervyn

Delanie and I had so many memories together that I'll never forget.

Delanie was such a beautiful, charismatic girl and she was the nicest and most outgoing girl I've ever met. She had such a strong love for everyone and never seemed to get angry.

Delanie always had a smile on her face and was ready to take on anything. Even if she was having a bad day, she would do anything in her power to make other people happy. We needed more people just like her in the world, and we lost one of them already at such a young age.

We never really did get super close where we told each other all our secrets, but I like to think we were close enough. Everyday it gets harder and harder to think that you're not here and it all just seems like a dream. Don't you worry child, because heavens got a plan for you.

Delanie you are gone, but never forgotten sweetheart.

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