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Tokyo's inner island: Odaiba

Odaiba Island - an artificial man-made island in the heart of the city of Tokyo. Offering one of only two access points to the seashore, this island is located across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. It was initially built for defensive purposes in the 1850s, however has become one of Tokyo's top attractions for residents and tourists alike.

Outside a highly priced and prized residential community on the island, there's more than just the standard ''island life'' featured. If you access the island via the Rainbow Bridge you'll notice this colourfully lit structure resembles that of the famed Golden Gate. (Access via train and water taxi also available).

You'll notice the island also features a replica of the Statue Of Liberty along with a giant Ferris Wheel resembling the London Eye. This island has become a true melting pot for cultures of the world. Don't miss Madame Tussaud's  famous Japanese wax museum closely located to the Japanese National Museum.

Other features of Odaiba are the exhibition hall of Toyota, Zepp - Japan's largest nightclub, a variety of shopping malls, eateries, high-end hotel accommodations, 24-hour gaming and karaoke clubs, a beach club and don't forget to tour the Fuji TV Building! The Panasonic Centre features a science and technology showroom where you can view technology of the past, present and future.

With plenty of green space and the development of motorized pedestrian traffic with elevated walkways, the island is easy to navigate through. Visit one of the many indoor theme parks, stop by LegoLand Japan, the Maritime Museum or the National Museum of Maritime Science.  And, a visit to Oedo Onsen, a hot spring theme park which reproduces the atmosphere of the Edo Period is a must! Here you can enjoy various types of indoor and outdoor baths which are fed by hot spring water pumped from a depth of 1400 meters. Restaurants, massage, games and other entertainment, as well as overnight guest accommodations are available.

Walk through the Tokyo International Exhibition Center,  Japan's largest exhibition and convention center and one of the bay island's boldest architectural creations. And don't forget The Panasonic Center, a one of a kind showroom for the latest products and technologies by the Panasonic Corporation. On display are the latest and newest cameras, TVs, computers, Nintendo games, home appliances and more.

With something to offer for every visitor, this island is a vacation spot in itself. Talk with your travel agent about making plans to visit Japan's man-made island wonder!

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