Do you always tip?

Chantelle Deacon

Canadian's generally tip 12 to 20 per cent at restaurants when they are provided service.

Recently a post in a Vernon Rant and Rave Facebook page stirred up a little bit of drama and mixed opinions.

The post read:

"Rant: Why do servers feel it is necessary to shame the people that don’t tip!? I’ve seen many rants from servers complaining about how they aren’t getting good tips or any tip at all....

First of all! I’m personally a server so yes I know the situations!

Second! People are not required to tip you! It’s a bonus! Don’t act like you’re entitled to people handing you money!

Third! You don’t know your customer's financial situation and have ZERO right to shame them for not coughing up an extra $10 for you!

Fourth! As I said before I am a server so yes I have had my fair share of getting a low tip or no tip at all! Yes, it does bother me at the moment, not because I feel like those people owe me extra money but because If I do get a low tip I feel that I wasn’t doing MY job to the best of MY ability!

So maybe before you complain about the customer you should think of how you did as a server... were you polite? Attentive? Helpful? On time? Personable? Just a few things to think of!

Final thoughts: People are not required to tip, its a choice, don’t act entitled, and if you’re going to complain and shame the customer for possibly your poor service, you’re working in the wrong industry!"

That's why Castanet decided to hit the streets and ask you, do you feel obligated to tip a server? Even if you feel the service was inadequate?

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