Dragoons show off TAP-V

You may have seen some pretty heavy duty Canadian Forces equipment driving around this week, and if you haven't, you will.

The British Columbia Dragoons Okanagan Regiment have been spotted showing off a new toy, a Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle, or as Cpt. Jeff Daley calls it, a TAP-V.

Daley is the operations officer and regimental adjutant for the BC Dragoons in the Okanagan, he gets to ride around and train in this beast. 

"We are the first Primary Reserve Unit this side of Ontario to receive a Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle."

The TAP-V is the exact same platform that the regular forces will be using overseas in the future. There are none deployed yet.

This allows for what Cpt. Daley calls "interoperability" between the reserve force and the regular force.

"What I mean by that is a reservist in Kelowna trained to drive the TAP-V can go in operation, international or domestic, with their regular counterparts. They can just be injected into those other units."

The Dragoons are out training in the Okanagan learning how to use the TAP-V.

"They may have their student driver's sign on there, but they are all senior guys with over 10 years in the military already ... so, they are not new drivers, they are just learning how to drive this vehicle."

Cpt. Daley says it takes about two-weeks to learn how to drive the TAP-V. The training will also include proper maintenance.

The TAP-V you may have seen driving around the Okanagan is very safe, it is a general utility unit. But, a fully operational TAP-V can do some damage.

"There is another platform were are getting and that is a remote weapons system ... That weapon system will have a thermal sight, a day sight, laser range finders, but the interesting part is that is has a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher."

That is basically a grenade machine gun with a range of 2,000 metres.

"We could be pumping out grenades 2 km away," says Cpt. Daley.

The remote weapon system also has a coaxial, allowing for another machine gun capable of a high rate of fire.

The public display of machinery of late is not just a way to flex muscle but is actually part of a recruitment drive. 

"The message is: We are hiring," explains Cpt. Daley.

On Feb. 18 in Vernon, the armoury will be open to the general public. 

Recruiters will be on hand to answer any questions of the BC Dragoons.


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