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I think Property Guys has reset the real estate advertising bar to a brand new low yesterday.   The Property Guys’ advertisement hanging from my door yesterday called listing agents varmints.  One side featured a picture of a rat (or maybe a gopher...possibly a mouse) dressed in a suit and tie.  “LISTING AGENTS AREN’T PICKY EATERS.  OUTWIT THE VARMINT.  AU REVOIR GOPHER!  THESE PESKY CRITTERS FEED ON YOUR PROFITS GOBBLING UP THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS……" (you get the idea).  I’m not making any of this up.

Like everyone else, I get postcards and newsletters from the real estate industry asking if I want to list my home for top dollar….I even receive the odd phone call.  Last week I received an overseas telemarketing call from a call centre asking if I was interested in selling.  I’m OK with all this.  There are full service companies, low commission companies, middle of the road commission companies and pay by the month companies.   Almost all, maybe 99 out of a 100 are top notch professionals, they work six days a week, volunteer someway in Kelowna, spend weekends away from their families and their kids go to school with your kids.  We’re all  genuinely interested in the well-being of the people we represent and the success or failure of our businesses depends on repeat business and referrals.  That’s our business model.  Some of us sell a lot of houses while some of us don’t but everyone genuinely looks out for the best interest of their principal and makes every effort to get them the best deal possible.    Everyone has a business model that’s well thought out, supported by a business plan, advertising budget and payroll.  Everyone believes their model works with the battlefield being the home sellers’ kitchen table where a couple has to decide based on different ideas, philosophies, promises and reputations.  There are never any real guarantees that your house will sell either but everyone is looking after your best interest.  Promise.

What are the Property Guys trying to do?  You will never ever see a Re/Max, Coldwell Banker or Royal LePage ad criticizing another company like this because it would erode confidence in the entire industry.  We certainly use “our company is better than these other companies” approach and have a bunch of reasons and statistics to back it all up,  but it would be unimaginable to  stoop to this level.   Burger King and McDonalds don’t cannibalize each other with claims the competition’s beef is hormone injected and is a leading cause of obesity, diabetes or heart disease because it would hurt the entire industry.  Who would ever want to eat a hamburger again?  People have low opinions of politicians because we’ve been exposed to so much negativity about Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda”,  Justin Trudeau being “in over his head” or Tom Mulcair’s “socialism”  that after a while we have difficulty trusting any politician.    

Keep it classy everyone.

 - Andrew Smith


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