West Kelowna Real Estate rocks!

West Kelowna Real Estate is no longer a secret! Anyone making a housing prediction for Kelowna’s Westside or West Kelowna is almost guaranteed to be in the ballpark.  There are few price swings in either direction and the number of homes sold is quite consistent.   If you haven’t been to the Okanagan for a while it is West Kelowna that floors you when you drive through.  Long gone are the days of Old MacDonald's farm and water slides.  West Kelowna has become a retail hot spot with newer housing developments featuring stunning homes with jaw dropping vistas of the lake and mountains. 

There are currently 390 homes for sale in West Kelowna including 36 on the lake, 16 in foreclosure and 55 on leased land.  Let’s look at the remaining 284 residential homes on freehold land, not in foreclosure and not on the lake.  Out of these, 27 are priced over $1 million and 25 are priced under $350,000.  There’s certainly something for everyone in just about any budget.  There are also over 150 strata units for sale as well as 93 mobile homes. 

Switching back to residential/freehold/non-foreclosure homes.  There have been 50 sales so far this year at a $469,000 average.  The average price was for all of the 476 homes sold in 2013 was $468,000 so practically no movement in price.  Looking back over the past few years here is what happened with prices…


2014 50 $469,000
2013 476 $468,000
2012 426 $483,000
2011 394 $480,000
2010 394 $478,000 (almost an identical year)
2009 465 $455,000
2008 448 $480,000
2003   $243,000

A person wouldn’t be too far off predicting 480 sales for 2014 at a $470,000 average I imagine.  Remember these numbers will look different than other published numbers just because I removed lakefront and homes on leased land from my averages. 

To view West Kelowna Homes for sale http://www.okanaganbc.com/neighborhood/west-kelowna/

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