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1980 was a year of transition and dreams…for me at least. I was in the midst of wrapping up my touring years and contemplating pursuing another dream - opening a recording studio. 1980 was the same year that a tough but silky throated voice was being heard on the radio all over Canada. “(Maybe You Think I’m A) Dreamer” was finding its way into the hearts of thousands and me being one of them! Possibly because I happened to be betwixt and between, but the Terry Crawford Band hit a very responsive chord within me. The group, in which it had its roots in Manitoba and Ontario, was breaking out all over the country.

The group formed in the early seventies in Winnipeg, by Rick Johnson and Terri Crawford. By the middle of that decade, they moved operations to Ontario, and consisted of Terri on vocals and Rick, then her husband, on guitar with drummer John Hannah, bassist Al Corbeil, and keyboardist Dale Saunders. The group’s first album, “The Terry Crawford Band” was recorded in Eastern Canada and released in 1980. The single? “Dreamer”, the song that touched many hearts across this country.

The group were no strangers to the road.  They toured, criss-crossing the country several times, establishing themselves and putting on an extraordinary show. Yes, at the time, there were other female fronted Canadian bands, but what stood out with TCB was that Terri was a strong, independent free spirited singer that would not compromise. The group had a sort of Southern ‘down home’ vibe about them. By the time they were ready for the release of album number two, they were a hot item on the concert circuit. “I’m A Dreamer” was becoming a Rock Radio staple, and the group released “Good Girl Gone Bad” in 1982, which was very well received with the single “Chocolate Candy” leading the way. The group dropped ‘Band’ from their name and became “Terry Crawford” and by this time they were awarded their first Juno, back in 1981 and were nominated for another. “Good Girl Gone Bad” produced four singles that again became Rock Radio staples, and Terry Crawford was becoming a dominant force on the Canadian Music scene.

Record, tour, record, tour - that ever so destructive road was looming and the group released “Virgin Heart” in 1983, again with great reviews, but it wasn’t a year later that Terry and her husband Rick Johnson found themselves looking for other musicians. Not only a new group, but the duo were looking for a new recording contract. They found both with a new deal forged with Canada’s independent label, Attic Records. “Total Loss Of Control” found the light of day in 1986, and may have been a statement of how the group felt as to what was happening to them. The album, and single “I’ll Be Back” made an impact, and the group found themselves touring in major cities across Canada. However, it was also around this time that Terry and Rick wanted a change so they hung up their touring sneakers and made a family home for themselves, concentrating on other aspects of their lives. That was 1988, and both artists kept their collective and creative hands in music, but this time - being mother and father, concentrated on children’s music. They have released several successful children’s albums under the moniker ‘Terri & Rick’.

This year we can enjoy a comeback of sorts, as Terry Crawford, now Terri Crawford and her husband, Rick Johnson have released a brand new “Terry Crawford Band” album! “Life Lines”, the new record, features long time members: Dale Saunders on keyboards, with Edmontonian Bryan Feland on guitar. You can enjoy the sounds of the Terry Crawford Band by going to www.terricrawford.com check out the new album there through iTunes.

1980 - yes, a year of transition and dreams, and for me, yeah we followed through on the recording studio—briefly, and then I went back to television! Just “Maybe You Think I’m A Dreamer”!!

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

  • Robbie Aylesworth & Kara Funk @ Grateful Fed Bar & Grill Friday Oct. 21st
  • Minstrel Café & Bar check out Ryan McAllister & Daniel Huscroft: Friday & Saturday Oct. 21st & 22nd

Some Notable Concerts:

Firewind with Arsis, White Wizzard & Nightrage: Lake City Bowl Event Centre; Oct. 22nd

Sam Roberts Band on Monday the 24th at Kelowna Community Theatre

Big Sugar with Wide Mouth Mason at Flashback’s Thursday Oct. 27th

Don’t forget, the endearing Cowgirl from Medicine Hat - Terri Clark Friday Oct.28th at the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton. Terri, of course is a multi-platinum International Recording Artist with six number ones under her belt! And she is Female Artist Of The Year for 2011, plus a brand new album: “Roots And Wings”. In concert Friday Oct.28th - tickets still available!

The Legendary Leon Russell @ Kelowna Community Theatre Tuesday November 8th

Ian Tyson at the Vernon & District Performance Arts Centre; Thursday Nov. 17th

‘Notes & News’

Upcoming Review: I’m very pleased to have been given the assignment of reviewing and interviewing Royal Hunt for an upcoming issue of Melodic Rock.  The review will appear here on this column. As well, Royal Hunt enjoy a very large following in Canada and the United States and with the return of DC Cooper, the new release promises to be their best yet!  It will be available in November, plus a double DVD package, “Future Coming From The Past” - both releases are on Frontiers’ Records.

If you would like me to write something, drop me a line at: [email protected] and let’s celebrate Kelowna’s rich and varied music community together!

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