Recently a couple of groups have come to my attention, one from the Rock Fortress of the world, the United Kingdom, and one from a country that we don’t usually associate with rock Artists, let alone—Progressive Metal groups: Greece.  We’ll start with the twin guitar attack of the UK’s “Stormbringer”:

Out of the Northampton area, a relatively new group “Stormbringer” are about to unleash their second album.  Available worldwide in October, hard rockers will be able to enjoy “Blood And Rust”.  A five-piece, ‘Stormbringer’ create some very tasty guitar driven heavy rock.  The group consists of Darren McCullagh on bass, with Dom Wallace and Ash Smith on guitars.  The vocals are handled very well by Jimi Brown and keeping everything solid and punchy is drummer Jon Paul Quantrill.  Seems like a traditional set-up , and yes it is—but the way these guys play puts an edge to their music.  Young and brash, “Stormbringer” are dedicated to the tried and true foundations of Heavy Rock—and combine some modern attributes to the mix that result in a very energetic sound.  Listening to the material on this second release will belie the group’s age.  They sound and perform like they are veterans of the 1970’s—mind you-not copying anyone in particular—but the influences are definitely there!  Not only are they committed to this pure form of rock, but performing live is a huge part of their existence.  As time goes on, they may just be thought of as this decade’s hardest working band!  Oh!-just one more thing—another familiar 70’s name crops up…this second effort will be released through Attic Records!  So, start looking for it at the end of October!

Now, on to “Diviner”, a brand new Progressive Metal group that hails from Greece.  Another five piece, this group leans heavily on the progressive side of Heavy Metal.  With song titles like, “Kingdom Come”, “Riders From The East”, and “Seven Gates”…they compose from a slightly dark side of the mystical story telling plateau.  The music follows, and we hear a majestic and masterful set of music performances.  The lead vocalist sounds similar to a young Ronnie James Dio, pre-Sabbath days.  Again, a driving twin guitar attack ensures each musical journey is a full spectrum statement, and one that will excite.  Heavy yes, however “Diviner” do not get too immersed in the bottom layers of the sound spectrum.  Each creation flows and there is even some soaring flourishes that will brighten up what we are listening too.  This release is the group’s debut…entitled “Fallen Empires”, and will be available in North America during the latter part of November—but it will be worth the wait.  The guitar work within this group is par excellent, and they get in to some very interesting Eastern influences…another treasure to look out for.

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