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In Chile, she may be known as a lawyer, in the rest of the world she is becoming known as part of the new wave of strong female vocalists delivering sonic brilliance to the Hard Rock realm!  Caterina Nix also adds a little magic to her talents, this is her story:

Bruce:  First, if we may, let’s talk about your background and where you are from. And I understand that you started singing at an early age…

Caterina:  I’m from Santiago, Chile. I lead quite a normal life I have a day job (I’m a lawyer) but my true passion is music. And yes, I’ve been singing since I can remember!  It has always been a natural way for me to relax and express myself. When I was younger I was always involved in the school’s choir and participated in several bands and contests. I can’t conceive life without music.

Q: Back in 2008, you actually started your recording career with a band called “Aghonya”, and actually wrote all of the lyrics to their album “Oxygen”! A very ambitious feat!  Where do you get your inspiration in the writing department?

A: Just from life itself… the lyrics I wrote for that particular album are very personal, like a photograph of my life at that time, my opinions about the world, relationships and modern times. I like my music to have content, to own an intricate beauty, even if it speaks about how sick the world is, or about painful feelings. If I need a little extra inspiration or need to focus on a particular idea, I go lie on the grass, connect with nature, and reach that transparency of being one with your surroundings.  That helps me a lot.

Q: Let’s talk about your meeting with Timo Tolki, how did that happen and two things—were you already signed to Frontiers, and was your meeting with Timo expressly for his Avalon project?

A: We met many years ago, at a meet and greet for Stratovarius here in Chile. I stared talking to the guys and they were all really nice and approachable. Timo seemed happy to talk to the fans and we talked about life and music for a while. We kept in touch and I sent him my material because I wanted to know what a professional musician with his personal history had to say about it. So, he liked my voice very much and the idea of working together was born, but it didn’t materialize until Frontiers picked me for this project and gave me this chance.

Q: Now, turning to “Chaos Magic”, you have again collaborated with Timo—how has that been constructed. Have you written or co-written the material we here on this debut?

A: The songs and lyrics were all written by Timo this time, but if there’s a second album, I’ll write a few songs for sure. For Chaos Magic, I only came up with the concept, the name of the album and a few names for the songs. I changed a few lyrics here and there, but nothing major.  All the rest was created by Timo, although we talked about how the project should sound like and drew a few guidelines for the context.

Q: Who else is involved with this project?

A: Timo wrote and produced the songs and played all instruments except for the drums, which were played by Jami Huovinen. Timo is like a machine! He can do everything.

Q: “Chaos Magic” is a very strong debut, and the perfect vehicle for your voice, you must be totally satisfied with the end result!

A: I am! I’m very pleased with the final product and for me it was a delight to bring these songs to life. Timo wrote the songs with my voice in mind and that helped me show different aspects of it. On top of that, the songs are beautiful, relatable, and catchy and have powerful and vulnerable moments. I believe this is a very complete album, yet the sound is simple and approachable.

Q: Are there plans for future music within the vision of “Chaos Magic” and are you planning to assemble a performing unit for touring?

A: I really hope people like the project! If it is a successful endeavour, there’s definitely the possibility of releasing a second album and maybe book a tour. For now, I’m organizing a few gigs here in Chile (without Timo), and just doing my best to get the album out there. My hopes are high.

Q: As is my tradition, I like to leave our readers with words from my guest, so please-Caterina would you share with us some thoughts?

A: It may sound cliché, but dreams are there for a reason. Follow them, because if you don’t, you’ll never know if you could have fulfilled them. I really hope you like this album, I participated in it thinking about the fans and with the intention of bringing something beautiful to people’s lives, I hope you enjoy it.


CHAOS MAGIC “Chaos Magic”
(Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

What do you get when a vocal force from Chile collides with an extraordinary Finnish composer and guitarist? Pure Magic! The result Caterina Nix and former “Stratovarius” axeman & composer Timo Tolki. Signed to Frontiers, Caterina is launching her solo career with “Chaos Magic”, teaming up with Timo and producing another break-through recorded Work!  The symphonic arrangements and compositions of Timo totally envelope this Soprano and in turn-mesmerizes the listener! The body of music is well suited for the magic spun by Caterina’s voice and at times we will experience an almost spiritual uplifting!

As we journey through this debut, we come face to face with power & strength and then whisked away on silky vocal passages that just wipe away any tension we may have! Together, Caterina & Timo create magical movements, some which are just breathless.  From “I’m Alive” on through to “The Point Of No Return”: this debut establishes Caterina Nix as a force to be reckoned with!

“Chaos Magic” should become the instrument that establishes this female vocalist in the higher echelons of singers! And one of international stature! BA (90/100)

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