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Four years or so ago, I was honoured to have the opportunity to review this unique album release from the very down to earth and talented English group “The Quireboys:

The Quireboys “Halfpenny Dancer” Vol I
JCPL Recording
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson

For the life of me, I do not know why Spike and The Quireboys are not a household name around the musical world!  The expanse of talent seems to know no bounds.  The Quireboys are simply a top drawer group and ‘Halfpenny Dancer’ cements that notion.

This release sees the group rework some of their finest compositions and breathe in to them some fresh air.  Coupled with some new gems, ‘Halfpenny Dancer’ is certainly a ‘must have’ for any serious music lover.  Now, being that this cd is subtitled ‘Volume One’, we should expect more from the lads along this stunning vein of musical expression.

Exploring the acoustic side of the Quireboys allows us to further appreciate the high talent of Spike’s song writing and the poignant slant of his lyrics…and his interpretation of others.  Everything this group writes about is genuine---they have lived through every moment.

Let the Quireboys take you on a musical voyage that will tear at your heartstrings…and let you in, just a little, to their world of musical adventures and halfpenny dancers!


Now, as the musical voyage continues, with the group releasing critically acclaimed albums in 2013, “Beautiful Curse”, and in 2014: “Black Eyed Sons”, it seems like they have got their second wind, or maybe it is their third!  2015 sees “The Quireboys” releasing their most ambitious project yet!  “St. Cecilia And The Gypsy Soul” is a four disc set, including “Halfpenny Dancer”—long out of print, in its original form—with two discs featuring live performances of these special versions.  The fourth disc?  It is the actual “St. Cecilia…” disc, with brand new material from these veteran English blues-rockers!  With titles like; “Land Of My Father”, “The Hurting Kind”, and “Out Of Your Mind”, we can only expect an exceptional and deep musical experience from ‘Spike’ and the boys!

So, what is the point of this project?  Well, “Halfpenny Dancer” in its first go round, saw the group lay down the electrics and take up acoustical instruments—including banjo, fiddles and such!  The live discs capture the same in exclusive shows the group did in ‘09 and 2010.  The actual “St. Cecilia…” set is more of the acoustic direction, and utilising some interesting acoustic instruments—the vocals being more powerful and all in all…a side of “The Quireboys” we really haven’t heard or seen!  Of course there are some rockers on this set, set in the traditional Rock n’ Blues that this group is famous for.  The band totally believes in this new direction, as they are currently on the road delivering a killer combination of hard hitting electrics with deepening acoustic explorations that will leave you breathless!

Truly a band of gypsy souls, “The Quireboys”…where the rivers of sound run pure and deep!

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