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They are celebrating fifteen years, hard to believe that these Irish upstarts began their musical journey at the turn of the century!  Paul Mahon, Cormac Neeson, Mickey Waters and James Heatley are collectively known as “The Answer”.  Since their first release “Rise” these four have had the answer to what makes Hard Rock and Blues the best form of Rock music ever!

The group released four albums since their formation, not very many-some will say-but it takes time to create timeless music!  “The Answer” have done so with each musical journey.  They hit the scene in a powerful way, turning ears that were young, fresh and some that were jaded.  It was those jaded ears that were turned the most!  What was heard on the group’s debut was also heard on stages throughout the UK, and later the rest of Europe.  A traditional Hard Rock/Blues approach that touched upon past Masters, such as Led Zeppelin…exploring that same expansive musical plateau and finding new gems along the way.  “Rise” wasn’t a fluke, yes, it garnered the group recognition and accolades from music business veterans, (jaded ears), and veteran musicians as well!  “Rise” was just the beginning, as more musical gems were uncovered by these four with the 2009 release of “Everyday Demons”, followed by “Revival” in 2011.  The group toured incessantly, opening up for the greats and near greats, and doing some small  headline tours on their own.  Two years ago, the group released “New Horizon”, which saw them cement their reputation of being the new century’s Rock/Blues Masters!  Also, rumours started to fly that they were struggling, unhappy with their progress and thinking of packing it in.  Now, how much of that was true—I really don’t know, but obviously “The Answer” have found new energy and maybe a new mission. 

2015 marks the release of their fifth album, and this time the group has outdone themselves!  “Raise A Little Hell” does just that—the group are exploring a new section of that tried and true musical plateau, and have found brand new jewels!  This album bristles with renewed energy, new twists and that masterfully executed power rock that they began with!  2015 also sees this group recommit to a lengthy road schedule, finding them visiting North America, after a lengthy absence.  As well as their more traditional areas of the UK and Europe.  “The Answer” are certainly making another impact upon the world of music; hopefully this time around they will rise to the upper echelons, where they richly deserve to be!  Here is just an example of that renewed power in “The Answer”


Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:   Linus:  July 23rd  Zamboni Brothers:  July 24th & 25th  July 30th & 31st – Aug. 1st

Barley Mill Brew Pub & Bistro (Penticton): -Every Sunday-Blues/Rock Jam & Showcase hosted by TR2 (7pm-10pm)   TR-2 Band:  July 18th   Our Sons:  July 25th

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:  Michael Wood Band:  Aug. 2nd

Fernando’s Pub:  Karate Kids:  July 23rd Tanner James:  July 29th  The Fallers:  July 30th

The Green (Vernon):  Good Fellas:  July 24th & 25th

The Naked Pig (Vernon):  Local talent highlighted every Sunday Afternoon!!

Memphis Blues:   Poppa Dawg:   July 23rd & July 30th

 Music In The Park (Riverside Park)   Highlighted Events— Sherman Doucette: July 25th (complete line-up under Castanet Events: Concerts)

O’Flannigan’s Pub:   Colt 45:  July 24th & 25th   Young’Uns  July 31st & Aug. 1st

Notable Concerts:   

Cedar Creek Estate Winery:  Tom Cochrane:  August 26th & 27th

Prospera  Place:  Dean Brody/Paul Brandt:  September 26th  Bare Naked Ladies:  October 25th  Shania Twain:  October 27th   Three Days Grace:  November 24th

South Okanagan Events Centre:   Brit Floyd:  (it is the closet to the real thing)   August 12th    “Weird Al” Yankovic:  September 9th    Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band-(featuring Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather, Gregg Rolie plus others!!)   October 10th  

Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre:  The Tea Party:   September 29th

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