Human Era

With a new lease on life, “Trixter” are back!  Steve Brown welcomes all of us back to the “Human Era”….

Question: From the release of the last album, you have toured extensively…When did you guys settle down to begin writing the new record?

Answer: After the overwhelming response to NEW AUDIO MACHINE we got a new found confidence and sense of power knowing that we made a great record. I started writing while we were on tour and after "FOR YOU" "GOOD TIMES NOW" and "MIDNIGHT IN YOUR EYES" were produced I knew we had the goods for a new TRIXTER cd better than our last… Welcome "HUMAN ERA".

Q: With “New Audio Machine”, you assembled a great production team that helped you with the production, is it the same here, you being the main producer and enlisting the talents of others to assist?

A: Yes, Chuck Alkazian (Soundgarden, Pop Evil, Kid Rock) mixed a few songs, Pete Evick (Paramore, Bret Michaels) mixed the stellar ballad "BEATS ME UP" and TOMMY KESSLER from BLONDIE mixed “MIDNIGHT IN YOUR EYES”. I love surrounding myself with people who really care about the music and making it sound the best it can be. PJ Farley co produced as well.

Q: Now, whether you like the term or not, Trixter are becoming veterans in this crazy world of Rock! To me that is a good thing, for over twenty some odd years, you and the lads have rocked us with a Capital “R”. What is your secret?

A: Ha ha…Yeah wild to think that we are a CLASSIC ROCK band, but I'll take it. We are blessed to be able to this still.  We are the ALL ORIGINAL band which makes it extra special. We are a band of best friends and brothers. It’s awesome!

Q: Going back to the new record, “Human Era” first, has any of the material come from the “New Audio Machine” sessions?

A: No, but there are some older tracks like "NOT LIKE ALL THE REST" and our first single "ROCKIN' TO THE EDGE OF THE NIGHT" which was written back in 1987 and I reworked it to be a new TRIXTER classic like GIVE IT TO ME GOOD.

Q: Why the name “Human Era” and does it have a special meaning to you?

A: PJ came up with the concept. It goes back to when we started as a band. When there were no cell phones, computers, social media… You had Human contact and had to deal issues face to face. As much as we all love technology it has taken away from positive personal interaction.

Q: Please go through some of the recording process and the sessions.  Have you done anything different?

A: We record all the music and backing vocals here in New Jersey at my studio MOJO VEGAS… Pete does his vocals in Arizona at his house. He then DROPBOXES his vocal tracks to me. We have a really wonderful system for making records. It shows in the end result.

Q: Trixter are obviously a road band… So fill us in on your touring plans for the Summer / Fall period.

A: Oh yeah ..We have about 15 dates booked so far all across the USA and we hope to finally play Europe and go back to JAPAN.

Q: “New Audio Machine” came out on the Frontiers label, and so is “Human

Era”. It seems that you are getting a lot of support from the label…

A: Serafino Perugino and the Frontiers camp have been great to us. They really give their all for us and the fans to get our music out there.


TRIXTER “Human Era”

    (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

A couple of years ago I was privileged to have the assignment of reviewing what was the comeback album of “Trixter”, “New Audio Machine”. Now here we are agin-2015-and “Trixter” are celebrating the “Human Era” with a scorcher of an album! All cylinders are popping on this one! Opening up with “Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night”, the boys go all-out delivering that energised Hard Rock sound that we all love! And they don’t let-up! But, what’d we expect? Songs like “Crash That Party”, “Good Ties Now”, and “All Night Long” certainly tell us that each member is putting their heart and soul into each jaunt and singing those famous ‘trick of the phrase’s as well! “Human Era” finds the group at the top of their collective rocking game! Twin guitars flying, pulsating and pounding rhythms and nasty, yet soaring vocals! Each track is a stellar rocked out sound experience. Tight as tight can be, this band is amazing!  Raucous slices of anthemic rockers and some slow tempo songs as well! Topping this off, “Trixter” are hitting the road once again! Hopefully headline as well, as if they are opening, then they will just blow whomever

off the stage and steal the show! That is how strong a rocker “Human Era” is! This Summer celebrate the human era with none other than “Trixter”! BA (91/100)

Although released two years ago, this Masterpiece is perhaps Kenny Shields’ best kept secret!  “Letting Go” is Kenny’s latest release…here is a sample of that pure and unique voice and phrasing….

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:    Zamboni Brothers:  June 18th 19th &  20th  Linus:  June 25th & 27th   The Goods:  June 26th

The Barking Parrot (Penticton):  Steve Jones:  June 19th -20th & 21st   Gord McLaren:  June 26th & 27th

Doc Willoughby’s Downtown Pub:   Great White North:  June 19th   Paperboy And The Messengers:  June 26th

Dream Café:  Harpdog Brown & The Travelin’ Blues Show:  June 26th    Steve Hill:  June 27th

Minstrel Café & Bar:  The Rowdymen:  June 27th

O’Flannigan’s Pub:   Linus:  June 19th & 20th   Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:  June 26th  &  27th    Million Dollar Question:  July 1st (Canada Day—All Day Party!)

Notable Concerts:   

Prospera  Place:  Aerosmith:   July 13th  Dean Brody/Paul Brandt:  September 26th

South Okanagan Events Centre:   Journey:   July 10th   Brit Floyd:  (it is the closet to the real thing)   August 12th    “Weird Al” Yankovic:  September 9th    Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band-(featuring Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather, Gregg Rolie plus others!!)   October 10th

Vernon Funtastic Festival:  (Various Venues):   June 26th/27th/28th/29th:   Featuring: Biff Naked—Steve Hill—Moist—Monomyth—plus more!

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