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This week finds me wrapping up some intense music assignments, for both Fireworks and Melodic Rock magazines.  All the music is, of course, top notch—but I have found a couple of outstanding groups that bear further mention.  The first is the San Francisco area group “T. Clemente Band”…fronted by guitarist extraordinaire Teddy Clemente.  His music is a combination of Hard Rock and Progressive—just a couple guide posts for us-and his skills on the guitar are amazing.  His new album is called “Lost In Time”, a huge production full of Rock Anthems that one would expect from a veteran group!  Teddy also features one of the best female vocalists emerging on the scene today!  Amanda Dieck belts out the rockers, and sings the slower tunes most regally.  “Lost In Time” is not Teddy’s first effort, he has a battery of original tunes that are worthy of your ears.  To get to know this caring, gifted musician visit his web site at:  www.tclemente.com   and discover for yourself this soon to be Rock Powerhouse!

Now, another group that I have fallen for, thanks to Fireworks magazine, is “Estate”.  “Estate” are brand new, and from Russia.  Billed as a Heavy Metal five piece, this group breaks new ground in their  interpretations  of Metal.  I would say that the five are classically trained musicians that have been heavily influenced by modern Neo-classical Artists as well as Russian Folk music.  They combine modern Hard rock with Russian folk and mystical stories from the past.  Heavy-yes, but also very melodic.  All five have bounded not only in music, but share similar outlooks on life, religion, history and sense of purpose.  All of this combined compels them to breathe fresh air in a somewhat constricted musical style.  Their debut, “Fantasia” is well worth seeking out.  I do not think they have North American distribution as of yet, so check them out at: www.estate-band.com and be prepared to hear something different!


Another group that caught my ear is “Black Fate”—again a Progressive Metal outfit out of Europe.  In fact they are from Greece and what better way to describe them and their music but with my Review of their latest release:


Black Fate  “Between Visions & Lies”
Ulterium Records
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson

Although many of us may not have heard the music created by this group—they have a lot of history.  Harkening from Greece, “Black Fate” began back in 1990.  The group released a couple of demos, “Black Fate” and “A Piece Of Dream”, which found favourable reaction in their home country.  In fact these two recordings actually were critically acclaimed!  The group continued to press on, playing live and recording.  A major change in the line-up during the 2000’s saw the group finally releasing their debut full length album, “Uncover” and continued to make headway.  As 2007 approached, the group changed their line-up slightly and had a renewal of energy and commitment—and saw the release of “Deliverance Of Soul” in 2009.  A couple more adjustments and the group were starting to make some more headway, getting favourable response wherever they played.  The time came for this group of highly trained and inspired musicians to sit down and start to compose a new collection of heroic music…and they did!

Back in the studio, and determined to nail down a sound that would fully represent them, take them in a slightly different direction and give themselves some satisfaction, “Black Fate” are finally ready to release!  “Between Visions & Lies” is that very album.  A classically tinged Heavy Metal collection that rocks!

Full of technical expertise and flash, melodic and driving—we experience eleven molten passages that will amaze!  The group are also ready to amaze us with taking this album on the road.  2015 should see their collective efforts rise higher and louder.  “Black Fate” will be rewarded for all their hard work and determination.  “Between Visions & Lies” will make sure of that!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson    

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:  Jimmy LeGuilloux Band: Nov. 21st   Rann Berry:  Nov. 22nd   Hank Stallion:  Nov. 27th  Moni Funk: Nov. 28th  & 29th

Dream Café:   Justin Gibbery Trio:   Nov. 29th

Fernando’s Pub:  Autopilot:   Nov. 27th

Neighbours Pub:  My Kind Of Karma:  Nov. 22nd

Turtle Bay Pub:  Blues Night-Poppa Dawg:  Nov. 21st

Longhorn Pub (Vernon):  Sunday Night Jam—all musicians welcome!—Hosted by-Rick Zip & The Wheelhouse Band:  

O'Flannigan's Pub:   (Live Music every Tuesday with Riaz and Friends)  Radio Lifeline:  Nov. 21st & Nov. 22nd   Colt 45:  Nov. 28th & 29th   Hank Stallion:  Dec. 5th & 6th   Chuck Norris Band:  Dec. 12th

Whiski-jack’s Pub:  Jimmy LeGuilloux Band:  Dec. 5th & 6th

Notable Concerts:    

  Prospera  Place:   Bryan Adams:  January 15th  2015   The Tragically Hip:  Feb. 7th 2015

Kal Tire Place (Vernon):  Blackjack Billy/Doc Walker/The Road Hammers:   Dec. 13th

Kelowna Community Theatre:   Black Label Society:  Dec. 30th  

South Okanagan Events Centre:  John Fogerty:   November 27th 

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