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Exploding...out of Calgary, we shall soon feel the impact from this thunderous four piece!  Keep your eyes on "These Raven Skies"...a funk fuelled straight up rock band that is about to release their self titled debut. The lads are not just a fantastic rock group, they are savvy business men as well!  They formed their own label, secured a major distribution deal with Universal Music Group and are putting the pieces in place for a full scale attack on the nation!

   The group did record under the name of "Dreams Of Reason", however their music  was taking on a different direction, so much so that the four decided to change their name as well.  "These Raven Skies"  display some Progressive elements, but rooted in Rock and Blues, with a healthy dose of some, what I call, "Hardened Folk".  Jeff Martin of "The Tea Party" heard what these amazing four were up to and was quick to offer his help!  Assisting with the production, and finding a harmonious relationship with the group's song writing team, Jeff ended up co-writing several songs on the self-titled debut!  Working from their hard-rock background, "These Raven Skies" have expanded their playing with some very interesting use of differing instruments, and building up their songs with a funky rock groove that actually opens up everything!  One listen of their new album, and you will surely hear a depth seldom heard, an expertise in playing that would be attributed to a much older band!  The structure of each song shows a musical maturity, but a freshness as well.  Plus, there is nothing on this album that cannot be performed live--promising us that their live shows will be thunderous, yet intimate!

An album that is varied, yet united in that the group have successfully developed a "Signature Sound"--there is no mistaking "These Raven Skies"!

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